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In a post pandemic world you will find everything to be the same but different. This may seem highly unrealistic. Just think about it for a second. You will find the buildings and areas much the same. It is how we deal with people that is changing. Could wearing a mask really be a long-term answer to a relevant and dangerous problem.

There are those who refuse and say its a hoax of mass proportions. That we are being duped into believing lies from a government that only wants to suppress us. Than there are those who hide in fear…

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In a world of people everyone has family, or at least people you can call family. Being gay sometimes puts a damper on the relationship one has with his or her family. I find that people are okay with someone being gay. It’s not the choice they have the problem with. Their problem is proximity. How close that person is to you is how the thing is rated.

I have been gay since the third grade. I have had ups and downs. Bullies, friends, frenemies. I have encountered everything. When telling my family It was different. I could look my…

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Many people have opinions and as such they vary. When we talk about historical accuracy, a subject that really gets me going, I am not sure about Bridgerton. Geared to bring history alive to gen Z, and gen Alpha I find that historical inaccuracies play a role in their design. Appealing to a generation fraught with Black lives matter, gay rights, rights of politicism, protests and many genocides, I fear they are not getting an accurate depiction of life.

Now it may be that I am thinking too hard about these things. My husband says I definitely am and should…

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As a child of the nineties I find that some things are making a come back. I find girls in belly shirts wearing flannels around their waists. Sipping lattes and quoting movies from my childhood. They had no idea what it was really like. Media was a way to escape the torment of school. For us trendy things was only fun when you were popular. Now the millennials run around as if it were 1995 all over again. The torment was a well constructed obstacle course for us gays.

The media was a way to escape all of that. Wishing…

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No matter what time of year it is you will at some point be gifting. If you are like me, I have specific tastes. I have been told by those close to me that I am hard to shop for. I don’t think I am but perhaps that is because I know what I like.

With Christmas out of the way, you might have been the recipient of “Pandemic gifting”. For those who actually put time into their selections this year, very few I assure you, I am sure they were happy with their gift. However I am sure you…

Constantine's foot

In my early twenties I was eager to get on the dating scene. Fresh from schooling and hitting the bars. I don’t have to tell you that bar may or may not be where you meet your target audience. I wish I would have been able to tell my self that. I met a variety of men in the “gay scene”. Newly acquainted with the drag queen way of life I found that my look obviously inspired a wide grab bag of individuals. …

China in a closet

Vintage in a world of modernity is a life style choice. In 2021, midst a pandemic, we are re-examining how we deal with every day obstacles. From working with people, to grocery shopping, we are really trying to stabilize again.

With the pandemic we are becoming deep thinkers. Part of this is taking a look at the life and times of our grandparents. They lived through equally devastating occurrence with very little long term problems. We as a young generation burgeoning on our own futures use them as icons. Drawing strength from their lives we incorporate items of relevance into…

Joan Paul

Optimist in a world of no. I delight in sharing my experiences, opinions, and radical décor taste

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